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Brew Review SA is an independent review platform for craft beer in South Africa.

Here you can:

  1. Search Reviews – Use the search bar to look up beers, breweries or styles. 
  2. See Public Rating – A star rating out of 5 is listed next to each beer name, this is a public average.
  3. Rate Your Favourite Brews – To rate a brew yourself click on ‘read more’ and select the number of stars you wish to give the beer. You can also leave a comment in the comment box.

Lets face it, choosing a craft beer is sometimes like ordering a meal at your favourite restaurant, you always tend to go for the safe option, the dish you always order that never fails to satisfy your craving. Well this page aims to broaden your knowledge of what craft beers are available on the South African shelves, where to pick them up and what to expect from each brew. 

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