REVIEW: Tripel Hop Citra

REVIEW: Tripel Hop Citra

BEER NAME: Tripel Hop – Citra

BEER STYLE: Tripel Hop
REGION: Belgium
ABV 9.5%
INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, Hops & yeast
BREWER’S NOTES: We note that the trend towards more hoppy beers – thanks to our first brews in 2007 and 2010 – is
to continue. This Duvel Tripel Hop will please special beer lovers, while we will continue to ensure that the intrinsic characteristics of Duvel preserved.
It remains fascinating how only with the pure base ingredients you can provide a very broad and varying complexity to special beers. Each hop variety has its own intrinsic characteristics, which are so critical for the taste and aroma of the beer. As the grape determines the unique character of a wine, the hop varieties used that much for this beer.
We therefore wish that the character of the Citra hop over subtly noticeable. We achieve this by adding hops again after the main fermentation, which we call dry-hopping. This keeps the pronounced fruity character pervasive presence in the final beer.



  • APPEARANCE: Glorious slightly hazy pale gold with large lingering creamy-white head.
  • AROMA: A smack of fresh grapefruit, passion fruit and tropical fruits
  • FLAVOUR: WOW – Boom! Sweet grapefruit up front, slight bitterness that doesn’t hold up, added with a smidgen of creamy head, this is a winner. Flavours are distinct and bold.
  • MOUTHFEEL: Great full bodied, warm and tingly mouth feel.
  • OVERALL: I’m happy with that, that was just fantastic, the kind of beer you just want to swirl around in your mouth for ever. World Tripel hop voters, you picked a winner!
  • PAIR WITH: A perfect pairing with raw chicory, Brussels sprouts, hop sprouts, asparagus ‘prepared in the Flemish way’, Oriental cuisine using spices and/or mint, dark chocolate, sole meunière, ginger, wasabi, citrus fruits, and passion fruits. It’s also a great companion to many unpasteurised cow’s cheeses (the superb ‘Achelse Blauwe’ or Grevenbroecker for example) and also to unpasteurised ewe’s milk cheese.


ABV 9.5%
Colour (EBC) Stats not available – estimate 8
IBU’s Not available
Ingredients Water, barley, hops & yeast
Glass Tulip or Sniffer
Original gravity Not Available
Serving temperature 5-6°C
Style Tripel Hop


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