REVIEW: Sugarman

REVIEW: Sugarman
BEER NAME: Sugarman
BEER STYLE: Belgian Quad
BREWERY: Woodstock Brewery
REGION: Western Cape
ABV 10%
INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, hops, sugar and yeast
BREWER’S NOTES: Sugarman is a velvety smooth barrel-aged strong Belgain Quad-style ale. Darkly inviting in colour, with a silky tan head, this beer exudes the oaky richness of its intoxicatingly beautiful plump, black cherry mocha nose. It has a complex, full-bodied, spiced dark rum flavour that thrills your palate with its ripe voluptuousness and finishes with an exciting yet serene complexity.
  • APPEARANCE: A deep dark colour but not completely black, small head that disappears fairly quickly leaving a single layer silky head that lingers.
  • AROMA: Toffee and prominent cherry with oak-barrel almost sherry or port like nose
  • FLAVOUR: A complex and well balanced combination of treacle and toffee flavors, spiced rum, cherry and oak-barrel. This is a rich semi sweet strong beer with a warming affect.
  • MOUTHFEEL: Silky smooth and fairy low in carbonation which suits this style ale.
  • OVERALL: Dynamite in a small package, not for the faint hearted, this Belgian Quad will knock your socks off so don’t under estimate it. If you love a good specialty beer you will love the Sugarman.
  • PAIR WITH: a selection of strong cheeses and fruity preserves or a warm malva pudding with custard.



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