Let’s Explore Craft Beer

Let’s Explore Craft Beer

Welcome to Brew Review SA, an independent platform for reviewing & rating the vast range of beers available in South Africa with a particular focus on the Craft Beer industry.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years now, finally with my favourite team winning convincingly, a home-brew pumpkin ale fermenting and the rest of the family asleep I find inspiration to ‘just do it’ and set up this page dedicated to my passion of exploring the craft beer scene in South Africa. The idea being to create a platform for my mates and wider beer-loving circles to rate and check ratings of the massive range of craft beers that have sprung up nationally in the last few years in South Africa. Lets face it, choosing a craft beer is sometimes like ordering a meal at your favourite restaurant, you always tend to go for the safe option, the dish you always order that never fails to satisfy your craving. Well this page aims to broaden your knowledge of what craft beers are available out there, where to pick them up and what to expect from each brew. Brew Review SA, I rate, you rate, we all benefit.

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